About the conference

Welcome to the website of the The Peripheries of the European Revolutionary Process(es), 1917-23 conference, to be held in October 2017 at the department of history of the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy.

The conference will take place over the course of three days, on October 5-7, and will be divided into an evening session, a full-day session. We are expecting, in addition to two keynote guests, around sixteen speakers that we will divide into one and a half-hour panels of two presenters with circa 25 minutes allotted to each presentation followed by discussion. The keynotes will take place on the evening of the first day and then on the evening of the central day, which will be followed by the conference dinner. Our confirmed keynote speakers are Steve Smith from Oxford University and Robert Gerwarth, from University College Dublin.

Confirmed will be circulated information on accomodation and travel in due time.

Please refer to our call for papers or contact us at europeanrevolution@eui.eu for further information.

Organising committee:

13015598_1171247336260434_4335825050223401415_nJan Rybak (jan.rybak@eui.eu)

PhD candidate at the EUI working on Zionism as a transnational form of nationalism at a time of war, revolution, and state formation.




Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez (arturo.zoffmann@eui.eu)

PhD candidate at the EUI studying the impact of the Russian Revolution on the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist movement in the convulsive years 1917-1924.



Sponsored by the history department, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, and professors Pieter Judson, Federico Romero, Alexander Etkind, Lucy Riall, Corina Junger, Pavel Kolar, and Laura Downs of the European University Institute.